The end of the year has come, and the cargo must be booked as early as

The New Year is approaching, don't make it difficult!

The end of the year has come, and the cargo must be booked as early as


Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for regular and new customers help this year, so that we can continue to provide the high-quality pallet wrapping machines in the packaging machine industry. In a blink of an eye, it is the end of 2021, as if the goods in 2020 have just Send out, today is about to enter 2022, the factory is still that factory, where it is quietly located, our workers work at sunrise, and at sunset, a winding packaging machine is constantly being produced, polished, post a logo, wait for the vehicle to be transported, and ship to your own country.


Every New Year is always accompanied by the outages of cargo ships, outages and other transportation problems. This is not only a commonplace problem, but also a practical problem that each of our buyers needs to face, and our advice has always been to book the ship as soon as possible, booking space not only transport the goods as soon as possible, but also avoid the increase in freight due to the ship’s warehouse explosion, and even the failure to book the ending that can only be booked after a year. After all, our goods are wound packaging machines and shipped early. One day, the buyer can improve the packaging efficiency as soon as possible and do more other work, and our winding machine dealers can expand the market earlier and occupy the leading position in the market.


At present, we have already shipped many batches of goods. At present, the goods of two customers can be shipped out normally and arrived at the port to catch up with the last one or two ships at the end of December. However, such hurried rushing of the ship has been repeated many times in a row. Inform the shipping date has been changed again and again, and it is finally confirmed. It is already very difficult. In addition, the rain and snow weather these days has caused certain troubles to the transportation and the shipment of the goods. After all, it is a packaging machine. The volume is huge, in case the forklift is spilled or broken due to environmental weather such as the ground slipping, this is a very huge loss, after all, everyone will feel distressed by such expensive goods, let alone customers, we are also afraid to take risks, I would rather ship late than forcibly load the cargo at the risk of breaking the machine.


The protection of customer’s property has always been our top priority. Of course, the property here is a pallet wrapping machine. If you encounter such force majeure to force the shipment of the machine, if the goods fall and cause damage, the machine will also be broken. The loss is even greater. In any case, the safety of the machine is the first priority. We also don't want to ship the damaged machine to the customer. After all, whose responsibility is this? But in a nutshell, whether it is the difficulty of booking due to the approach of the New Year, you must start first, and the end of the year is even more difficult to find. This is like buying things online, whoever wants to produce good things I was told that the courier was out of service when the shipment was delivered. I was helpless and anxious.

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