New start, new journey, new thinking and new future

Ready to go, new year new start

New start, new journey, new thinking and new future


Happy New Year! 2022 is coming to us in great strides. Wish us all the best. The new year is over. We are about to embark on a new journey, blindly stagnating, slow progress is retreat, we must continue to welcome Difficulties come up, winding packaging machines, seemingly simple but complicated mechanical products, with unchanging packaging methods ranging from cartons to fertilizers, gypsum, and applications ranging from little-known private warehouses to sea, land, and air distribution logistics All have its presence, and this is the other side of the packaging machine, " Ever-changingn".


In the unpredictable 2021, in addition to the raging epidemic, there are economic sanctions, trade barriers between countries, economic downturns within each country, and a series of downturns. Despite this, packaging machine products are still in various industries. Be active and play a vital role. When the "Long Give" cargo ship is blocked in the Suez Canal, who would have thought that this would cause global ship trusteeship? When the United States began sanctions on Russian oil and coal, who would Can you imagine that this will make the entire European country panic, and this will spend a winter without heating? Will the shortage of winding packaging machines or vacuum cause problems in various industries? The answer is obvious. You can't use manpower to go to the docks, ports, and assembly lines for packaging. Both the efficiency and the cost are high.


We are also changing product types according to market demand and fashion trends. Our export packaging machinery types are changing to online machines, rocker machines, laminating machines and other packaging systems, from simple winding packaging machines to more intelligent packaging systems. Simple factory to assembly line, high-efficiency big scene, packaging system can better realize the perfect docking of packaging efficiency and other functions, as well as the effective combination of machines. The packaging system is also continuously optimized with the progress of society and the buyer's strength is improved. And it has been widely used.


Because different products use different packaging, manufacturers are forced to continue to innovate and produce innovative products. It is not only an industry injecting fresh blood, but also an embodiment of a manufacturer's continuous high standards of itself. Blindly "eat the old" is a solidified thinking. , Once packaging machines and winding equipment are applied to new products, the new industry should consider whether the existing machines meet all the needs of the industry, and if not, whether it takes time and energy to develop new products. This is what a capable or ambitious factory should do, and we are such a company and factory. We always believe that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

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