Foreign project machines increased, transformation needs to be done

Surge in foreign projects and the transformation of export machinery

Foreign project machines increased, transformation needs to be done  


With our steady sales strategy in foreign markets, sales and customer trust in our quality, customers and distributors have gradually asked us about the transition of packaging systems, whether it is a small packaging line or a large packaging system. The entire line of plans will be discussed in detail with us, and we will make suggestions. This is the power and trust of our customers and distributors. There may be a generation gap in language, but trust and friendship are generation gaps.

From shallow to deep, from simple to complex, we enter a market, starting with ordinary pallet wrapping machines, selling one by one, accumulating reputation bit by bit, we solve problems bit by bit, and customers need us to try our best to satisfy, continue to teach customers knowledge and skills. For dealers, we teach them from generation to generation, so that they can understand our machines and then they can carry out simple maintenance and improvement by themselves. Customers can modify more advanced parameters according to actual needs. To meet the needs of the local market and customer needs.

And now our pallet wrapping machine has become famous in foreign markets, and our packaging machine has very strong vitality in foreign markets. Therefore, our customers have turned to us for large-scale packaging systems, from the transportation and packaging of animal feed. From the line to the overall palletizing and packaging of chemical products, our customers have been able to fully believe in our capabilities and strengths, not only in the customization capabilities of packaging machines but also in machine performance, drawing structure, machine design and pros and cons, and will manufacture the production line and Advantages of the packaging line.

After so many foreign customers and distributors have discussed the packaging system with us, we have been able to be sure that our machines have entered a higher level of the market, and various large-scale production projects are advancing, and our machine production should begin to transform. Shifting the focus of the market to large-scale project-type production line machines, we continue to explore and seek customer needs. While ensuring the output of pallet wrapping machine remains unchanged, we will learn more about foreign project-type machines little by little. Make reasonable transformation and planning, let our project-type and production line-type packaging machines show their talents, and let customers see our more advanced and high-tech side.


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