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Application of intelligent packaging technology

in metallurgical building materials industry

  • Joompac Company uses information technology to deeply integrate with the manufacturing industry, and the application of intelligent packaging in the metallurgical building materials industry has brought about the transformation of traditional packaging methods.

    Joompac for commodities packaging has a unique advantage, especially for large width, high weight plate the six sides of packaging technology, for large steel mills of the large-tonnage steel coil packaging technology, for all types of pipes of packaging technology, from a single machine to production line, workshop and the whole factory and dynamic optimization of intelligent decision making, significantly improve the whole process of production efficiency, improve quality, reduce the cost.

    Joompac adopt the mode of technological innovation and meeting the market design, the horizontal wrapping technology helps enterprises to reduce the cost of new product development and manufacturing, shorten the product launch cycle and increase the market competitiveness.

  • Joompac companies through the operation of the real-time monitoring of product, used to wear heart winding technology to provide packaging solutions for large steel mills, and connecting with the network technology in the iron and steel enterprises with remote maintenance, fault prediction, performance optimization and other services, promote the product design optimization, achieve the transformation of service of the enterprise, injected new vitality to the traditional steel mills.

    Based on the Internet to obtain users' personalized needs, through flexible and flexible design, manufacturing and production of customized products, smart gypsum sheet cutting machine, smart gamma palletizing machine, etc., to help enterprises reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Joompac packaging for metallurgical building materials industry
- Large bulk cargo, safe, efficient and strong packing.
  • Six side wrapping machine

    This line adopts module design, with pallet leg adder machine, which could add pallet leg for goods, material saving and high efficiency. Pallet leg storage machine, could push pallet leg automatically, put right quantities of pallet legs as per goods size in advanced., unique wrapping design do four sides wrapping , it could wrap six sides with extra rotary wrapper, maximize anti-distant-moisture, applied for different boards production lines, worker could use forklift to unload wrapping products from unloading station, which could design like lifting platform type. This system’s spotlight is fully automatic wrapping, save manufacturing costs for clients
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  • Horizontal wrapping machine

    The equipment is suitable for copper, aluminum, steel profiles, such as small cross section profile bar automatic wrapping packaging, can realize automatic centered on film, automatic align center, automatic break film and other functions, can use a fork and automatic lift tables, can also according to the production line fully automatic conveyor collocation, improve the efficiency of the packaging, realize unmanned operation, reduce the number of artificial, reduce labor cost, improve labor safety, packing the goods after the surface forms the rule of spiral, beautiful and easy, dust, moisture, improve the packaging quality of products, and improve the metallurgy building materials market competitiveness of the industry, and the machine itself, stable performance, easy operation and reliable safety, Is the metallurgical building materials industry product packaging of high quality models.
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  • Thread wrapping machine

    The equipment for steel coil steel strip of metal ring materials design, the manufacture of a new type of wrapping packaging machine, advantage is that instead of manual packing, safe and efficient, fast packaging, the operation is convenient, available to a variety of packaging materials, such as stretch film, antirust composite paper, Kraft paper, woven bag, aluminum composite membrane, etc., and the effect after the packaging is beautiful and solid goods neat, can use a variety of multi-layer packaging, also can use intelligent packaging, after packing the goods is effect of the dust moisture, protect the surface.
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  • Automatic Gypsum Bar Cutter

    Automatic Gypsum Bar Cutter:Automatic feeding、Cutting Strip、Forward and reverse cutting. Six advantages for you to read the product: Automatic feeding, saving time and labor, Automatic grab plate, convenient and fast, unmanned operation, Easy access, simple, Pick-up is stable and secure, Automatic adjustment, unmanned operation, Automatic Plate Alignment, NEAT and economical
    Whole cut, one time, The sheet is divided into several equal strips at one time,It's easy to understand; The cutter is durable, Adjustable spacing, High Quality Cutter; Folding is easy,Easy to do,The sinew after slitting is connected like an organ, easy to fold and carry quickly,Uniform Division, easy disassembly,After the division assumes the organ shape, is easy to fold the transportation;Siemens control system, intelligent and reliable, easy to learn, convenient and reliable.
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Project case

  • Headquartered in Singapore, USG BORAL is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of plasterboard materials. We provide a complete set of plasterboard six - sided packaging system.
  • Located in Shandong province, Hongji is a group company integrating steel production, industrial manufacturing, construction and real estate development. We provide a complete set of steel coil packaging system.
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